Dallas County Vote No

Dallas County Taxpayers for Responsible Spending

Dallas County Vote No - Dallas County Taxpayers for Responsible Spending


Citizens of Dallas County, the Taxpayers for Responsible Spending Committee would like to thank you for your support in defeating the Dallas County bond issue.

With the sounding defeat I hope the Supervisor’s will open a serious discussion with the City of Adel and the ADM School Board and move ahead with a proposal that is a win-win for all of Dallas County. 

Thanks to our committee members and volunteers who worked to get the information out to the public.

Bob Ockerman
Taxpayers for Responsible Spending

Thank you to everyone who voted August 6th. Unofficial results from the Dallas County website, stands at 32.05 percent – 1,858 Yes votes for the new administration building, 67.95 percent – 3,940 No votes.

Dallas County officials have proposed a county administration and law enforcement center to be funded primarily by a $16.85 million bond issue that will be on the Aug. 6th Ballot.

Taxpayers for Responsible Spending agrees with the Board of Supervisors that they need more space for the Administration building and larger jail – public safety offices.

We do not believe that they used the correct methodology or correct cost comparison in selecting the Ortonville site located in a rural area within the City of Adel.

There’s a better option (read more)…

By voting NO on the Aug. 6 Dallas County Referendum, you’ll cast a vote for a better solution to the problem Dallas County faces as it outgrows its current facilities.

Find Your Polling Place for the August 6th Election.

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